Trumpington Village Sign unveiled June 2010, designed by Sheila Betts.
Trumpington Local History Group
The Changing Face of
Trumpington: CBC
'New' Addenbrooke’s Hospital:
Out Patients, New Addenbrooke’s, c. 1962. Addenbrooke’s Hospital Archives.
The Queen at the opening of New Addenbrooke’s, 1962. Addenbrooke’s Hospital Archives.
The entrance to Addenbrooke's Hospital. Andrew Roberts, Feb 2018.
Aerial view from the north of the Papworth and AstraZeneca sites.
Countryside Properties. Oxford Archaeology East
, Aug 2014.
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Welcome to The Changing Face of Trumpington.
This is one of a series of pages showing how
Trumpington has changed over time, with this page
about the
Cambridge Biomedical Campus,
Addenbrooke's Hospital and Trumpington
. The
information will be on display in Trumpington
Library at The Clay Farm Centre from April 2018.
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Introduction for a link to other pages.
Laboratory of Molecular Biology (LMB):
The recently-opened Laboratory of Molecular Biology, from the busway bridge. Andrew
, Jun 2013.
The interior of the Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Open Day. Andrew Roberts, June 2013.
Looking towards Trumpington from the top floor of the Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Open
. Andrew Roberts, Jun 2013.
Cambridge Biomedical Campus (CBC) expansion:
The field between the railway line
and Addenbrooke’s Hospital, looking east towards
Addenbrooke’s, after harvesting
. Andrew Roberts, Aug 2007.
Addenbrooke's Treatment Centre
, from the Busway bridge. Andrew Roberts, Jun 2013.
Work on the construction of AstraZeneca and Papworth Hospital, from the Busway bridge.
Andrew Roberts
, Nov 2017.
Addenbrooke’s Road railway bridge:
Looking along the railway line towards Cambridge from the path to Great Shelford, with the
planned route of Addenbrooke’s Road running from left to right, Clay Farm to the left. Andrew
, Oct 2007.
Progress with the west side of Addenbrooke’s Road railway bridge and embankment. Andrew
, Sep 2008.
Addenbrooke’s Road railway bridge nearing completion, from the south west. Andrew Roberts,
May 2009.
Cambridge Biomedical Campus (CBC) expansion:
Looking north from Addenbrooke's Road bridge towards Busway bridge, the new Laboratory of
Molecular Biology (LMB) building, Cancer Research
UK building and the Cambridge Biomedical
Campus site
. Andrew Roberts, Nov 2012.
north from Addenbrooke's Road bridge to the Cambridge Biomedical Campus, with the
university building, the AstraZeneca
energy centre and the new Papworth Hospital. Andrew
Roberts, Nov 2017.
Papworth Hospital, the AstraZeneca
energy centre and proposed site of South Cambridge
station, from the Busway bridge
. Andrew Roberts, Dec 2016.
Cambridge Biomedical Campus (CBC) from Hobson's Park:
The new
Clay Farm park, looking towards the busway bridge and LMB, with oxeye daisies in
. Andrew Roberts, Jun 2015.
Looking from Hobson's Park towards the Cambridge Biomedical Campus at night, with LBM,
AstraZeneca and Papworth Hospital. Andrew Roberts, Jan 2017
Looking over the lake on Hobson's Park towards CBC. Andrew Roberts, Apr 2017.