Trumpington Village Sign unveiled June 2010, designed by Sheila Betts.
Trumpington Local History Group
The Changing Face of
Trumpington: Schools
Early schools:
Cumming's School, 1783-1842, located on the site of St Mary’s House, High Street, 1920s.
Percy Robinson collection.
Ladies Seminary, 1830s-40s, located at 10-14 Grantchester Road. Andrew Roberts, Dec 2017.
HRH the Duke of
Gloucester at the opening
of Trumpington
Community College.
Trumpington Community
College, Sep 2016.
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Welcome to The Changing Face of Trumpington.
This is one of a series of pages showing how
Trumpington has changed over time, with this page
about local schools. The information is on display in
the Clay Farm Library at The Clay Farm Centre.
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Introduction for a link to other pages.
Church School (National School), Grantchester Road, from 1843-1950:
Print of the National School, built 1843. Percy Robinson collection.
The former Church School and the School House, from Maris Lane. Andrew Roberts, Jan 2011.
Church School allotment class, 1920s. The group includes the teacher, Percy Robinson, and 13
boys, holding spades, forks, hoes and rakes, with vegetables to the right. Cambridgeshire
Collection, Cambridge Central Library
Fawcett School, Infant and Junior 1949-89, Primary, 1989-:
Alpha Terrace entrance to Fawcett Primary School. Andrew Roberts, Aug 2008.
Cambridge School Junior Athletic Champions, Boys and Girls, 1962. Fawcett School (Ken
The extension to Fawcett Primary School. Andrew Roberts, Nov 2015.
Trumpington Meadows Primary School, 2013-:
Turf-cutting ceremony at the start of construction of Trumpington Meadows Primary School:
teachers Judith Osler (left) and Jo Chrich (right), County Councillor John Powley and children.
Jenny Blackhurst, Sep 2012.
Construction of Trumpington Meadows Primary School, looking towards the church. Andrew
Roberts, Oct 2012.
The frontage of Trumpington Meadows Primary School, shortly after the handover from the
builders. Andrew Roberts, July 2013.
Trumpington Park Primary School, 2017-:
Progress with the construction of Trumpington Park Primary School. Andrew Roberts, Apr 2017.
The entrance to Trumpington Park Primary School, open for pupils, with building work nearing
completion. Andrew Roberts, Sep 2017.
Trumpington Park Primary School: reception space from 1st floor. Andrew Roberts, Nov 2017.
Trumpington Community College, 2016-:
The school site beside Lime Avenue. Andrew Roberts, Sep 2012.
Progress with the construction of Trumpington Community College. Andrew Roberts, Apr 2015.
The circulation area in Trumpington Community College, Open Evening for residents. Andrew
Roberts, Jul 2016.