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Spring Show Schedule
17 March 2011

Large trumpet: trumpet as long or longer than petals
A Yellow petals and yellow trumpet
B White petals and yellow trumpet
Large trumpet: single flower on each stem. Trumpet as long or longer than petals
C Yellow petals/any colour cup
D White petals/any colour cup
Cupped: single flower on each stem
E Poeticus – often ‘Narcissus’
Single flower on each stem Single flower on each stem usually fragrant; white petals; small open red-rimmed cups
F Multi-headed: Usually small cups and fragrant. Many types
G Miniature Any small daffodil with one bloom per stem

H Any hellebore ( eg Christmas or Lenten Rose or hybrid) Single stem with one or more flowers

I One pot plant* – foliage
J One pot plant* – flowering
K Floral arrangement of mixed spring flowers – not exceeding 305mm (12″) across

*Note: There is no limitation for the pots in classes I and J. All pot plants must have been in the exhibitors’ possession for at least 4 months prior to the date of the show.

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