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Summer Show Schedule
16 July 2009

Vegetables, Fruit and Herbs

A Collection of 3 kinds of vegetables on a tray. Suggestions – broad beans, peas, potatoes, shallots, lettuces, carrots, beetroot, radishes, cabbages, onions

B 4 sticks of rhubarb, natural

C 3 bunches of different herbs in a container

D Collection of 3 kinds of fruit on a dish. Suggestions – with stalks – gooseberries, raspberries, strawberries; sprigs of blackcurrants or redcurrents

Floral Art

E An arrangement of foliage to be viewed from the front. Maximum width not to exceed 457mm (18 inches)

F A miniature floral exhibit to be viewed from the front, 102mm (4 inches) overall maximum

G A table decoration suitable for a summer lunch, to be viewed from all round, total arrangement not to exceed 381mm (15 inches) in width. Accessories may be used.

H A modern exhibit using any natural plant material and not more than 5 flowers. To be viewed from the front, maximum dimensions 457mm (18 inches) wide and 660mm (26 inches) high


I 1 specimen rose in a vase

J 1 vase of sweet peas (10 stems)

K Any flower for its scent – 1 stem only

L 1 vase of 3 different annuals

M 1 vase of herbaceous perennials or biennials, 3 distinct species

N 1 pot plant – foliage

O 1 pot plant – flowering

P 1 pot cactus

Q 1 pot succulent (not cactus)

Home Produce

R 6 cheese scones

S 1 brown loaf – yeast mixture

T A Victoria sandwich (2-egg mixture, raspberry jam filling, caster sugar on top)

Please note – The last 3 items will be subject to strict texture and taste tests by TruGS members – there may be no exhibit to take home after the show!

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