28 May 2022                   

Wife: Susan Dayntry
Died: 1625 Buried: 28 Sep 1625 in Trumpington (see note 1) Father: Mother:
Husband: Nicholas Peck Married: 22 Apr 1599 in Trumpington (see note 2)
Occupation: Malster 1 Died: 1625 Buried: 14 Sep 1625 in Trumpington (see note 3) Probate: 1625 in Ely Consistory Court (see note 4) Father: _____ Peck Mother: Ellen _____ ( - 1624)
M Child 1: Edward Peck Died: 1622 Buried: 26 May 1622 in Trumpington (see note 5) Probate: 1622 in Ely Consistory Court (see note 6)
Sources: (1) Probate record.
Event Notes Note (1) Sep 28 PECKE Susan [BT only] Note (2) Apr 22 PECK Nicholas DAYNTRY Susan Note (3) Sep 14 PECKE Nicholas [BT only] Note (4) Will signed 28 Feb 1624. To wife Susan all freehold tenement in Dagnell End, Trumpington, then to be sold. Bequests to: brother William Peck of Trumpington; William, James, Anne and Alice, William's children; John Peck of Trumpington and his children John and Susan; Elizabeth Francis, widow of Cambridge, my wife's sister; John, Robert, Clement, Marie, Elizabeth and Alice her children; Robert, Joseph, Sara, Anne, Marie the children of Joseph Ransome of Chesterton, my brother in law; Elizabeth Lockwood, daughter of Gabriel Lockwood of Grantchester by his first wife Julian; Henry and William, the two sons of Thomas Gatwood of Haslingfield; Catherine daughter of Titus Peck late of Trumpington, deceased; Marie Ponyett my maid. Supervisors Joseph Ransome, Thomas Haslop, Thomas Whiskin, Andrew Kilborne, John Hawkes of Trumpington. Executrix wife Susan Note (5) May 26 PECK Edward [BT only] Note (6) Will signed 30 May 1622. Left all to his mother Hellen Peck, widow Copyright Trumpington Local History Group 2022 Email TLHG Return to TLHG introduction page Name Index