Meetings: June 1998

A Midsummer Stroll Around Trumpington

The stroll went from the Church Hall to Anstey Hall gateway, Maris Lane, the village sign, High Street, Whitlocks, Coach and Horses, War Memorial, Church and back to the Church Hall. The stroll was very popular, with 40-50 people taking part.

People gathered at the Church Hall for an introduction and were then taken in groups of about 10 along Maris Lane, High Street and back to the Church Hall. Committee members stood at various points and talked about the surroundings.

Anstey Hall area (Margaret Marrs): Church School, The Old House, Maris House, Anstey Hall

Village Sign area (Ken Fletcher)

Whitlocks area (Shirley Brown): Whitlocks, Village Hall, Tally Ho

Coach and Horses area (Peter Dawson): end of Alpha Terrace, Green Man, Coach and Horses, 22, 24-26, 30 High Street

War Memorial area (Michael Hendy): War Memorial, The Old Smithy, The Unicorn, Trumpington Hall

Church area (Nicholas Thistlethwaite): Anstey Hall Farm, Church, Vicarage, Grantchester Road houses

Midsummer Stroll, 23 June 1998
Midsummer Stroll, 23 June 1998