Local History Group Meetings

Programme for 2023-24

28 September 2023: Post-War Trumpington, 1945 to 1980

Local History Group meeting, 28 September 2023.
Local History Group meeting, 28 September 2023.

The meeting on 28 September will focus on changes in Trumpington in the decades after World War 2, from 1945 to around 1980. Three members of the Committee will talk about a number of topics, including local allotments, such as those off Foster Road; the development of Fawcett School; the Royal Shows held in Trumpington in the 1950s and 1960s; changes to railways and roads, including the closure of the Cambridge-Bedford railway line and the construction of the M11; and new housing developments including the building of the Estate.

16 November 2023: Benefitting the Soul – Life, Religion and the Church in Late Medieval Trumpington, Dr Joanne Sear, 7 pm, Clay Farm Centre.

29 February 2024: The History of the Trumpington Meadows area, 7 pm, Clay Farm Centre.

Recent meetings

23 February 2023: Excavations at Trumpington Meadows: putting the Trumpington Cross in context, Dr Sam Lucy. See the report.

1 June 2023: History Walk, the village centre. See the meetings report.

29 June 2023: History Walk, from Trumpington Pavilion to Anstey Way, High Street, Alpha Terrace, Fawcett School, Clay Farm and the Estate. See the meetings report.

For information about meetings, see the occasional messages to the mailing list or contact Howard Slatter.

Meetings Archive

The first meeting of the Group was held in 1995. Checklist of meetings: links will be added to separate pages about the topics covered by many of these meetings, but meanwhile please use SEARCH or go to the Subjects page.

17 November 1995: A Trip Through Trumpington, Nicholas Thistlethwaite, Edmund Brookes and Arthur Brookes.

1996-97: History of Trumpington Church and Vicarage, Nicholas Thistlethwaite.

1997: Local archaeology, included finds from the PBI sites.

14 November 1997: Trumpington Reflections, short talks and a display of photographs.

12 January 1998: The War Memorial and American Cemetery, Arthur Jones.

23 June 1998: A Midsummer Stroll Around Trumpington.

20 October 1998: Do You Remember? including Italian Prisoners of war and the closure of the Cambridge-Bletchley railway line.

5 March 1999: Pickwick’s Cambridge Scrapbook, 1838, Mike Petty.

7 June 1999: Visit to Anstey Hall.

12 November 1999: War Time Memories of World War II, Michael Bentinck.

28 June 2000: Summer Walk Around Trumpington. Launch and signing of 20th Century Trumpington.

13 October 2000: Trumpington v. Adolf Hitler, various speakers.

2001: Visit to the Park & Ride excavations, PBI, followed by reception at PBI.

29 November 2001: Trumpington Worthies.

27 February 2002: The Trumpington Coprolite Rush.

Summer 2002: Tour of the Coprolite site (PBI).

27 February 2003: Cambridge Cartoons, Chris Jakes.

2003: Cam Conservators, Michael Chisholm.

2003: Launch of Past & Present.

29 April 2004: East Anglian Film Archive, Francis Jacobi.

30 September 2004: A Century of Childhood in Trumpington.

25 November 2004: Unveiling of Blue Plaque to Henry Fawcett, Trinity Hall.

10 March 2005: A Hundred Years of Wireless, Martin Jones.

30 June 2005: Were You There? What Did You Wear? Lynn Hopwood.

9 September 2005: The History of Addenbrooke’s, Dr Muriel Seaman.

30 March 2006: The History of Cambridge American Cemetery, Arthur Brookes.

13 July 2006: Haslingfield Bakehouse Project, Mike Hendy.

26 October 2006: The History of Cambridge Market, Nick Wise.

29 March 2007: Toys, Games and Pastimes of Yesteryear.

12 July 2007: Visit to the archaeological site, Addenbrooke’s Road.

27 September 2007: A Hundred Years of Change and The Tale of Truelove.

13 March 2008: On the Street Where You Live.

9 October 2008: A Trip Round My Dining Room Walls, Antony Pemberton.

21-25 October 2008: Village Hall Centenary Exhibition.

27 November 2008: Open Meeting.

26 March 2009: Along the High Street.

1 April 2009: Fawcett memorial rededication.

22 October 2009: Trumpington’s Farming History.

26 November 2009: Trumpington War Memorial, Arthur Brookes.

25 March 2010: Visit to the Cambridgeshire Collection.

22 April 2010: Education in Trumpington.

24 June 2010: The View from the Bridge.

11 August 2010: Clay Farm Archaeology Open Day.

3 October 2010: Archaeology at Trumpington Meadows.

14 October 2010: The History of Hobson’s Conduit, Howard Slatter.

25 November 2010: The Railways of Trumpington, 1845-2010, Edmund Brookes.

31 March 2011: On the Street Where You Live.

7 April 2011: Clay Farm Archaeology Site Visit.

24 May 2011: Trumpington Meadows Archaeology Site Visit.

23 June 2011: Village walk.

13 October 2011: Church, Edmund Brookes.

24 November 2011: Census.

29 March 2012: Archaeology of Clay Farm, Richard Mortimer.

15 May 2012: Visit to Anstey Hall.

1 July 2012: Guided Walk around the Village.

11 October 2012: Trumpington Traders.

22 November 2012: Trumpington Personalities.

11 April 2013: Archaeology of Trumpington Meadows and the Discovery of the Trumpington Cross, Alison Dickens.

27 June 2013: Walk Around the Churchyard.

5 September 2013: Village Centre Walk.

10 October 2013: Addenbrooke’s Hospital: Yesterday and Today, Hilary Ritchie.

21 November 2013: Our Local History: What’s the Evidence?

8 May 2014: Visit to the American Cemetery, Arthur Brookes.

18 August 2014: Papworth Hospital and Bell School archaeology visit‏.

23 October 2014: How should we remember the First World War?, Dr Dan Todman.

26 March 2015: Archaeology of Trumpington and South Cambridge: Excavations at Clay Farm, Fawcett School, Addenbrooke’s and Bell School, Tom Phillips.

10 May 2015: Anstey Hall Farm Archaeology Open Day.

30 June 2015: Churchyard Walk.

10 September 2015: Village walk.

12 November 2015: Discovering Street Names.

17 March 2016: Addenbrooke’s Archaeology – the latest phase. AstraZeneca excavation, Jonathan Tabor.

16 June 2016: Walk Around Trumpington Churchyard Extension, Howard Slatter Wendy Roberts.

29 September 2016: Anstey Hall Farm: 2000 Years of History, Stuart Ladd, Michael Hendy.

24 November 2016: Launch of Trumpington History Trails.

30 March 2017: Mapping Trumpington: Maps Old and New, Tim Glasswell and Howard Slatter.

15 June 2017: Walk to Trumpington Meadows.

29 June 2017: Walk around the village centre.

28 September 2017: Hobson’s Conduit, Brook and Park, Howard Slatter.

16 November 2017: Trumpington at War, 1914-18: as seen through newspaper reports, Wendy Roberts.

22 March 2018: Art and archaeology of  Clay Farm, Andy Robinson, Tom Phillips.

10 May 2018: “Hold fast, hold firm, hold OUT”: Millicent Garrett Fawcett and the campaign for women’s suffrage, Dr Gill Sutherland.

27 September 2018: The History of the Long Road Area, north to Barrow Road, south to Gazeley Lane, Nick Bullock, Andrew Roberts, Howard Slatter.

15 November 2018: Trumpington War Memorial and the Kindersley Workshop, Arthur Brookes and Lida Cardozo Kindersley.

4 April 2019: Trumpington 100 Years Ago. Photographs and Commentary based on Percy Robinson’s ‘A Trip Through Trumpington’.

9 May 2019: All That Glisters: Anglo Saxons, Beds and Gold, Alison Dickens.

16 May 2019: History walk: from Trumpington Pavilion around the village centre.

13 June 2019: History walk: from Hobson Square to the Cambridge Biomedical Campus.

26 September 2019: Two Trumpington Mayors: Eva Hartree and Jean Barker (Baroness Trumpington), Philippa Slatter, Edmund Brookes, Stephen Siddall.

21 November 2019: Railways, Edmund Brookes.

12 March 2020: Centenary of the Trumpington Women’s Institute, Janet Hendy, and Trumpington in the 1920s.

24 June 2021: History Walk: village centre.

8 July 2021: History Walk: Clay Farm and area.

9 June 2022: History Walk: village centre, from Trumpington Pavilion

7 July 2022: History Walk: Clay Farm and area, from Hobson Square/Clay Farm Centre

13 October 2022: 200 Years of Trumpington, 1801 to 2001. Talk by Howard Slatter. See the pages about the meeting and the text of the talk. There is also a version of the talk on YouTube.

23 February 2023: Excavations at Trumpington Meadows: putting the Trumpington Cross in context. Talk by Dr Sam Lucy.

1 June 2023: History Walk: churchyard and village centre, from The Bakehouse.

29 June 2023: History Walk: High Street, from Trumpington Pavilion.