Trumpington History Subjects

Checklist of pages about specific subjects, in three sequences:

Personal recollections

Audrey Rayner, age 18, 1941.
Audrey Rayner, age 18, 1941.
Trumpington Medieval Weekend, 16-18 June 1989.
Trumpington Medieval Weekend, 16-18 June 1989.
Tour de France. Photo: Bridget Partridge, July 2014.
Tour de France. Photo: Bridget Partridge, July 2014.
The Trumpington Cross. © Cambridge Archaeological Unit.
The Trumpington Cross. © Cambridge Archaeological Unit.
Personal recollections
1830s: Widnall’s Reminiscences of 1830s Trumpington.
1842: Trumpington by X.Y.Z. , Cambridge General Advertiser , 9 November 1842.
1920s: W.E. Dring, Trumpington Fifty Years Ago: Reminiscences of the 1920s .
1920s-2010s: Audrey King, Recollections of Trumpington .
1920s-1950s: Jean Clews, Shelford Road and the Pamplin family.
1930s: Margot Andrews, My Experience of Education in the Church School .
1940s: Christopher Kite, Trumpington’s VE Day , 8 May 1945, and growing up in Trumpington.
1940s-1950s: Brian Goodliffe, Childhood Memories of Trumpington .
1940s: David Stubbings, the Recreation Ground .
1946-1949: Brenda Bass, Growing up on the Estate .
1948-1959: Colin Gedge, Memories of a Trumpington Childhood .
1940s-1950s: Brian Goodliffe, The Proud Son of a Trumpington Ploughman .
1940s-1960s: Barry Clarke, Public Transport in Trumpington.
1950s: David Stubbings, Glebe Farm , Trumpington.
1950s: Jean Clews, Memories of Trumpington .
1958-1962: Edmund Brookes, Reminiscences of the Perse Prep School .
1970: Mollie Bown, Enid Newell, Mary Pitman and Mary Woolf, The Countryside 1970 , Trumpington Women’s Institute.


Celebration of Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee , June 1887

Celebration of King George VI’s Coronation, 1937

Outing to Wicksteed Park , August 1949

Celebration of Queen Elizabeth’s Coronation, 1953
Trumpington Young Farmers’ Club , supper, early 1960s
Trumpington Charter Fair , July 1968
Trumpington Medieval Weekend , June 1989
Trumpington Village Hall Centenary: Summer Prom , June 2008
Trumpington Village Hall Centenary: Exhibition , October 2008
Trumpington Christmas Fair , December 2008
Opening of Trumpington Pavilion , November 2009
Opening of Addenbrooke’s Road , 27 October 2010
Trumpington Christmas Fair , November 2010
Royal Wedding celebration (Prince William and Catherine Middleton, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge), 29 April 2011
Unveiling of the renovated Trinity Hall milestone , Hauxton Road, May 2011
Celebration of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee , June 2012
Opening of electronic play space , King George V Playing Field, August 2012
Presentation of Street Naming Award , 21 November 2013
The Tour de France in Trumpington , 7 July 2014
Remembrance Sunday , 9 November 2014.
Trumpington and the Cambridge Half Marathon , 28 February 2016.
Remembrance Sunday , 11 November 2018.

Celebration of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, June 2022.


Addenbrooke s Hospital : history of the hospital


History of Trumpington Allotment Society

Foster Road Allotments and the Trumpington Allotment Society
Anstey Hall : group visit, May 2012
Anstey Hall Farm : farming history


Archaeology of Trumpington :
• visit to Trumpington Meadows excavation , May 2011.
• discovery of Anglo-Saxon bed burial and Trumpington Cross , March 2012, with updates.
• the Archaeology of Trumpington Meadows and discovery of the Trumpington Cross , April 2013.
• visit to Clay Farm excavation , August 2010.
• visit to Clay Farm excavation , April 2011.
• talk on the Archaeology of Clay Farm , March 2012.
• visit to Papworth Hospital and Bell School excavations , August 2014.
• talk on the Archaeology of Trumpington and the Southern Fringe , 26 March 2015.
• visit to Anstey Hall Farm Barns excavation , May 2015.
• talk on Addenbrooke’s Archaeology: the Latest Phase , March 2016.
• talk on the Archaeology of Anstey Hall Farm , September 2016.
• Trumpington archaeology and ancient DNA research , February 2018.
• update on the Excavations at Clay Farm, 2010-15 , March 2018.


Cambridge Chronicle , 1850-1900: monthly extracts.
Cambridge Local Plans and Trumpington.
The Cambridgeshire Guided Busway in Trumpington .
The Cardozo Kindersley Workshop and Trumpington .



• for the Parish Church churchyard, see the Cambridgeshire Family History Society publication of Monumental Inscriptions and a walking route around the churchyard;

• for the Trumpington Churchyard Extension (Shelford Road), see the Monument Finding List and highlights .


introduction to the censuses and transcriptions;
local stories from the censuses.


Changing Face of Trumpington : how Trumpington has changed over time
Clay Farm Centre: archaeology and art
Cricket in Trumpington, 1870s to 1980s.
Cross Hill , at the junction of Trumpington High Street and Church Lane, the site of the old village cross and the War Memorial
Domesday Book and Trumpington , from Percy Robinson’s notes.
Education and schools in Trumpington : history of local education provision and schools
Enclosure of Trumpington , 1804-09.

Environment of Trumpington:
Bird and animal life, early 1920s , Percy Robinson’s notes.
The Countryside, 1970 , Trumpington Women’s Institute publication.
Farms and farming .
Hobson’s Brook .

Evidence for the History of Trumpington
Farms and farming in Trumpington, including Enclosure and the Plant Breeding Institute (PBI)
Football in Trumpington: History of Trumpington Football Clubs, 1904 – 2019.

Foster Road Allotments: see Allotments
Henry Fawcett : his life and funeral.
History Trails : 10 walking and cycling trails
Hobson’s Brook : introduction
Hobson’s Conduit : history
Hobson’s Park and Conduit : 2017 update
Hobson Square: archaeology and public art .
Inclosure of Trumpington , 1804-09; and the Inclosure Act and Award.
Kindersley Workshop and Trumpington .
King George V Playing Field and the Recreation Ground .
Local Plans and Trumpington, Cambridge and South Cambridgeshire plans.

Ordnance Survey work, Tim Glasswell.
Historic and modern maps of Trumpington, Howard Slatter.
Trumpington maps, decade by decade , resources from 1861 to the present.
• Maps and 1920s Trumpington .

Monument inscriptions: see cemeteries.
Millicent Garrett Fawcett : her life and achievements.

Newspaper articles relevant to the history of Trumpington;
Plant Breeding Institute (PBI) and Trumpington.
Postcards : selection of historic postcards of Trumpington.
People in Trumpington : historic database.

Public art:
Hobson Square and the Clay Farm Centre , 2018.
Wilson Court and Lingrey Court , Anstey Way, 2020.

Public houses in Trumpington.
Railways in Trumpington : history and reminiscences.

Pemberton family and Trumpington Hall.
Percy Robinson’s notes about Trumpington , dating from the 1920s.
The School House and William Butterfield : history of the School House, Church Lane, and the work of its architect.

Sport in Trumpington:

• cricket;


• sports in the 1920s .

Street names : derivations.
Streets, Houses and People in Trumpington : resource lists.
Traders and trades : local traders including the history of post offices and the Anstey Way shops
A Trip Through Trumpington , Percy Robinson, 1920s.
Trumpington Allotment Society: see Allotments.

Trumpington Brass Band : history dating from 1910 (from Percy Robinson’s notes).
Trumpington’s Changing Face : how Trumpington has changed over time.
Trumpington Charities : Percy Robinson’s notes from the 1920s.
Trumpington cricket and Trumpington Cricket Team, history.
Trumpington Cross : Anglo-Saxon cross discovered in Trumpington.
Trumpington’s Fallen Heroes of World War I , booklet published 2014.

Trumpington Gardening Society (TruGS).
Trumpington Hall and the Pemberton family : summary of the history.
Trumpington Local History Trails : 10 walking and cycling trails.
Trumpington Manors : Percy Robinson’s notes about the Domesday Book and manors, from the 1920s.
Trumpington Parish Church : including introduction and pages about its history, a walking route around the churchyard and details of rectors and vicars.
Trumpington Churchyard Extension, Shelford Road: Monument Finding List and highlights .
Trumpington Football Club , 1900s to 1990s and 2017-.
Trumpington Prisoner of War Camp (PoW Camp 45, World War II).
Trumpington Tornadoes football team, 1973-2012+.
Trumpington Village Hall : 100 year history of the Village Hall.
Trumpington Village Sign : the original and new signs and the unveiling of the new sign.
Trumpington Volunteer Training Corps in World War I.
Trumpington War Memorial .
Trumpington Women’s Institute: history; selection of photographs from the archive; 1970 report on The Countryside .
Wesleyan Methodists in Trumpington in the 19th century.


World War 1 and Trumpington :
Trumpington War Memorial , Cross Hill.
Memorial in Trumpington Church to Men who fell in the War and to other Benefactors.
British Legion Roll of Honour book , Trumpington Church.
Trumpington Free Church War Memorial .
Trumpington Volunteer Training Corps .
Village Hall and World War 1 .
Remembrance Sunday , 9 November 2014.
Remembrance Sunday , 11 November 2018.
Remembering the First World War , talk by Dr Dan Todman, October 2014.
Trumpington’s Fallen Heroes of World War I , booklet published October 2014.
Trumpington at War, 1914-18: Contemporary Reports.
Trumpington community on the IWM’s Lives of the First World War , men and women who contributed to the War.
• Trumpington in the aftermath of the War .
Centenary of the end of World War 1 , display October-November 2018.


World War 2 and Trumpington :
Trumpington and World War 2: Text .
Trumpington and World War 2: Photographs .
Memories of Trumpington’s VE Day , 1945.
Trumpington War Memorial , Cross Hill.
British Legion Book of Remembrance , Trumpington Church.
Trumpington Prisoner of War Camp : history during the War and afterwards, recollections.
Village Hall and World War 2 .
Remembrance Sunday , 9 November 2014.