Trumpington History Subjects

Checklist of pages about specific subjects, in three sequences:

Personal recollections

Audrey Rayner, age 18, 1941.
Audrey Rayner, age 18, 1941.
Trumpington Medieval Weekend, 16-18 June 1989.
Trumpington Medieval Weekend, 16-18 June 1989.
Tour de France. Photo: Bridget Partridge, July 2014.
Tour de France. Photo: Bridget Partridge, July 2014.
The Trumpington Cross. © Cambridge Archaeological Unit.
The Trumpington Cross. © Cambridge Archaeological Unit.

Personal recollections
1830s: Widnall’s Reminiscences of 1830s Trumpington.
1842: Trumpington by X.Y.Z. , Cambridge General Advertiser , 9 November 1842.
1920s: W.E. Dring, Trumpington Fifty Years Ago: Reminiscences of the 1920s .
1920s-2010s: Audrey King, Recollections of Trumpington .
1920s-1950s: Jean Clews, Shelford Road and the Pamplin family.
1930s: Margot Andrews, My Experience of Education in the Church School .
1940s: Christopher Kite, Trumpington’s VE Day , 8 May 1945, and growing up in Trumpington.
1940s-1950s: Brian Goodliffe, Childhood Memories of Trumpington .
1940s: David Stubbings, the Recreation Ground .
1946-1949: Brenda Bass, Growing up on the Estate .
1948-1959: Colin Gedge, Memories of a Trumpington Childhood .
1940s-1950s: Brian Goodliffe, The Proud Son of a Trumpington Ploughman .
1940s-1960s: Barry Clarke, Public Transport in Trumpington.
1950s: David Stubbings, Glebe Farm , Trumpington.
1950s: Jean Clews, Memories of Trumpington .
1958-1962: Edmund Brookes, Reminiscences of the Perse Prep School .
1970: Mollie Bown, Enid Newell, Mary Pitman and Mary Woolf, The Countryside 1970 , Trumpington Women’s Institute.


Celebration of Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee , June 1887

Celebration of King George VI’s Coronation, 1937

Outing to Wicksteed Park , August 1949

Celebration of Queen Elizabeth’s Coronation, 1953
Trumpington Young Farmers’ Club , supper, early 1960s
Trumpington Charter Fair , July 1968
Trumpington Medieval Weekend , June 1989
Trumpington Village Hall Centenary: Summer Prom , June 2008
Trumpington Village Hall Centenary: Exhibition , October 2008
Trumpington Christmas Fair , December 2008
Opening of Trumpington Pavilion , November 2009
Opening of Addenbrooke’s Road , 27 October 2010
Trumpington Christmas Fair , November 2010
Royal Wedding celebration (Prince William and Catherine Middleton, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge), 29 April 2011
Unveiling of the renovated Trinity Hall milestone , Hauxton Road, May 2011
Celebration of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee , June 2012
Opening of electronic play space , King George V Playing Field, August 2012
Presentation of Street Naming Award , 21 November 2013
The Tour de France in Trumpington , 7 July 2014
Remembrance Sunday , 9 November 2014.
Trumpington and the Cambridge Half Marathon , 28 February 2016.
Remembrance Sunday , 11 November 2018.

Celebration of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, June 2022.

Celebration of King Charles III’s Coronation, May 2023.

1801-2001: 200 Years of Trumpington: overview.

1945-1980: Post-War Trumpington: papers about schools, allotments, Royal Shows, transport and housing developments.

Addenbrookes Hospital: history of the hospital


History of Trumpington Allotment Society

Foster Road Allotments and the Trumpington Allotment Society

Alpha Terrace and Foster Road Allotments, 1945-80.
Anstey Hall : group visit, May 2012
Anstey Hall Farm : farming history

Archaeology of Trumpington and surrounding area:

Anglo-Saxon bed burial and Trumpington Cross, summary.

Clay Farm excavation, site visit, August 2010.

Clay Farm excavation, site visit, April 2011.

Trumpington Meadows excavation, site visit, May 2011.

Archaeology of Clay Farm, talk by Richard Mortimer, March 2012.

Archaeology of Trumpington Meadows and discovery of the Trumpington Cross, talk by Alison Dickens, April 2013.
Papworth Hospital and Bell School excavations, site visit, August 2014.
Archaeology of Trumpington and the Southern Fringe, talk by Tom Phillips, 26 March 2015.
Anstey Hall Farm Barns excavation, site visit, May 2015.
Addenbrooke’s Archaeology: the Latest Phase, AstraZeneca Excavation, talk by Jonathan Tabor, March 2016.
Archaeology of Anstey Hall Farm, talk by Stuart Ladd, September 2016.
Ancient DNA research and Trumpington Archaeology, research report, February 2018.
Excavations at Clay Farm, 2010-15, talk by Tom Phillips, March 2018.

All That Glisters: Anglo-Saxons, Beds and Gold, talk by Alison Dickens, May 2019.

Excavations at Trumpington Meadows: Putting the Trumpington Cross in Context, talk by Dr Sam Lucy, February 2023.

Cambridge Chronicle , 1850-1900: monthly extracts.
Cambridge Local Plans and Trumpington.
The Cambridgeshire Guided Busway in Trumpington .
The Cardozo Kindersley Workshop and Trumpington .


• for the Parish Church churchyard, see the Cambridgeshire Family History Society publication of Monumental Inscriptions and a walking route around the churchyard;

• for the Trumpington Churchyard Extension (Shelford Road), see the Monument Finding List and highlights .

introduction to the censuses and transcriptions;
local stories from the censuses.

Changing Face of Trumpington : how Trumpington has changed over time
Clay Farm Centre: archaeology and art
Cricket in Trumpington, 1870s to 1980s.
Cross Hill , at the junction of Trumpington High Street and Church Lane, the site of the old village cross and the War Memorial
Domesday Book and Trumpington , from Percy Robinson’s notes.
Education and schools in Trumpington : history of local education provision and schools
Enclosure of Trumpington , 1804-09: see Inclosure of Trumpington.

Environment of Trumpington:
Bird and animal life, early 1920s, Percy Robinson’s notes.
The Countryside, 1970, Trumpington Women’s Institute publication.
Flora of the Disused Railway Cutting, 1984-85.

Farms and farming.
Hobson’s Brook.

Evidence for the History of Trumpington
Farms and farming in Trumpington, including Enclosure and the Plant Breeding Institute (PBI)

Food Hub, 2020-2024.
Football in Trumpington: History of Trumpington Football Clubs, 1904 – 2019.

Foster Road Allotments: see Allotments
Henry Fawcett : his life and funeral.

Gardening societies.
History Trails : 10 walking and cycling trails
Hobson’s Brook : introduction
Hobson’s Conduit : history
Hobson’s Park and Conduit : 2017 update
Hobson Square: archaeology and public art .

Housing: development from 1945-80.

Inclosure of Trumpington, 1804-09:


• the Inclosure Act and Award;

• section in 200 Years of Trumpington, 1801 to 2001.

Kindersley Workshop and Trumpington .
King George V Playing Field and the Recreation Ground .
Local Plans and Trumpington, Cambridge and South Cambridgeshire plans.

Ordnance Survey work, Tim Glasswell.
Historic and modern maps of Trumpington, Howard Slatter.
Trumpington maps, decade by decade , resources from 1861 to the present.
• Maps and 1920s Trumpington .

Medieval society and religion.

Monument inscriptions: see cemeteries.
Millicent Garrett Fawcett : her life and achievements.

Natural History of Trumpington:

Bird and animal life, early 1920s.

The Countryside, 1970.

Flora of the Disused Railway Cutting, 1984-85.

Newspaper articles relevant to the history of Trumpington;
Plant Breeding Institute (PBI) and Trumpington.
Postcards : selection of historic postcards of Trumpington.
People in Trumpington : historic database.

Public art:
Hobson Square and the Clay Farm Centre , 2018.
Wilson Court and Lingrey Court , Anstey Way, 2020.

Hopscotch artwork at Trumpington Meadows local centre.

• A Selection of Public Art in Trumpington Meadows.

Public houses in Trumpington, including The Green Man, Coach and Horses, The Tally Ho!, The Unicorn, The Volunteer and The Red Lion.
Pemberton family and Trumpington Hall.
Percy Robinson’s notes about Trumpington , dating from the 1920s.

Railways in Trumpington: Introduction to history and reminiscences; history from 1945-80; Flora of the Railway Cutting, 1984-85.

Religion and life in the Medieval period.

Roads: Infrastructure from 1945-80.

Royal Shows in Trumpington, 1951, 1960, 1961.
The School House and William Butterfield : history of the School House, Church Lane, and the work of its architect.

Schools: Introduction to schools; Fawcett School, 1949-80.

South west Trumpington: 5000 years of history.

Sport in Trumpington:

• cricket;


• sports in the 1920s .

Street names : derivations.
Streets, Houses and People in Trumpington : resource lists.
Traders and trades : local traders including the history of post offices and the Anstey Way shops
A Trip Through Trumpington , Percy Robinson, 1920s.
Trumpington Allotment Society: see Allotments.

Trumpington Brass Band : history dating from 1910 (from Percy Robinson’s notes).
Trumpington’s Changing Face : how Trumpington has changed over time.
Trumpington Charities : Percy Robinson’s notes from the 1920s.
Trumpington cricket and Trumpington Cricket Team, history.
Trumpington Cross : Anglo-Saxon cross discovered in Trumpington.
Trumpington’s Fallen Heroes of World War I , booklet published 2014.

Trumpington Food Hub, 2020-2024.

Trumpington Football Club, 1900s to 1990s and 2017-.

Trumpington Gardening Society (TruGS).
Trumpington Hall and the Pemberton family: summary of the history.

Trumpington Horticultural Society.
Trumpington Local History Trails: 10 walking and cycling trails.
Trumpington Manors: Percy Robinson’s notes about the Domesday Book and manors, from the 1920s.

Trumpington Meadows: history of south west Trumpington.

Trumpington Meadows Nature Reserve (Trumpington Meadows Country Park).

Trumpington Meadows Public Art.
Trumpington Parish Church: including introduction and pages about its history, a walking route around the churchyard and details of rectors and vicars.
Trumpington Churchyard Extension, Shelford Road: Monument Finding List and highlights.
Trumpington Prisoner of War Camp (PoW Camp 45, World War II).
Trumpington Tornadoes football team, 1973-2012+.
Trumpington Village Hall : 100 year history of the Village Hall.
Trumpington Village Sign : the original and new signs and the unveiling of the new sign.
Trumpington Volunteer Training Corps in World War I.
Trumpington War Memorial .
Trumpington Women’s Institute: history; selection of photographs from the archive; 1970 report on The Countryside .
Wesleyan Methodists in Trumpington in the 19th century.

World War 1 and Trumpington :
Trumpington War Memorial , Cross Hill.
Memorial in Trumpington Church to Men who fell in the War and to other Benefactors.
British Legion Roll of Honour book , Trumpington Church.
Trumpington Free Church War Memorial .
Trumpington Volunteer Training Corps .
Village Hall and World War 1 .
Remembrance Sunday , 9 November 2014.
Remembrance Sunday , 11 November 2018.
Remembering the First World War , talk by Dr Dan Todman, October 2014.
Trumpington’s Fallen Heroes of World War I , booklet published October 2014.
Trumpington at War, 1914-18: Contemporary Reports.
Trumpington community on the IWM’s Lives of the First World War , men and women who contributed to the War.
• Trumpington in the aftermath of the War .
Centenary of the end of World War 1 , display October-November 2018.

World War 2 and Trumpington :
Trumpington and World War 2: Text.
Trumpington and World War 2: Photographs.
Memories of Trumpington’s VE Day, 1945.
Trumpington War Memorial, Cross Hill.

World War 2 Men Named on Trumpington War Memorial: brief biographies.
British Legion Book of Remembrance, Trumpington Church.
Trumpington Prisoner of War Camp: history during the War and afterwards, recollections.
Village Hall and World War 2.
Remembrance Sunday, 9 November 2014.