1921 Census of Trumpington

This is part of a census project by the Trumpington Local History Group to transcribe the nine censuses for the parish of Trumpington from 1841 to 1921. This page has an introduction to the 1921 census and a PDF file with the Trumpington Census Transcript, 1921. If you find an error, or wish to make any comments, please contact us.

Census of 19th June 1921

Two separate Enumeration Districts cover the old civil parish. These have been combined into a single file for ease of reference.

RG15/08097 ED 22 (Enumerator Percy Robinson)

“The Part of the Civil Parish of Trumpington on the West of the Great Eastern Railway: Trumpington Long Road South Side from Railway to Trumpington Road, Alpha Road, Trumpington Hall, Wood End, Houses on Shelford Road, Vicarage Farm, Railway Gate House”.

RG15/08085 ED 5 in two parts (Enumerator: unknown, initials M.S.P.):

“Formerly part of Trumpington Civil Parish, Ecclesiastical Parish of Cherry Hinton, St John the Evangelist: Hills Road (west side), Purbeck Road, Luard Road, Trinity Farm”. 


“Formerly part of Trumpington Civil Parish: Trumpington Long Road North Side, Trumpington Road both sides, Latham Road, River Farm, Southacre, Chaucer Road, Newton Road, North Terrace, Bentley Road”.

In 1921, as in 1911, individual household schedules have been published, rather than pages from the enumerators’ books.  This presents the same challenges when transcribing, as the handwriting changes from schedule to schedule, often making it harder to read.  There is no consistency between different householders’ interpretation of the instructions; information is sometimes incomplete or incorrectly entered.

Postal addresses, along with the name of the person responsible for filling in the form, are given on the reverse of the schedule itself, and are often sketchy. 

New information recorded in 1921 includes:

(a) Ages now given in years and months.

(b) For children under the age of 15 the living status of their parents (Both alive, Father dead, Mother dead or Both dead).

(c) If attending a School or any kind of Educational Institution then “whole time” or “part time”.

(d) As well as the expected “Personal Occupation” there are two new columns relating to employment.

“Employment” should give the name and business of any employer, or “Employer” or “Own account” if appropriate.  For anyone in private personal service, then “Private”.

“Place of Work” should give that address, or “No fixed place” or “At home”.

These instructions were frequently misunderstood; in the transcripts an attempt has been made to put the relevant information into the correct columns.

As in 1911, the only roads to be consistently given house numbers are Alpha Terrace and North Cottages, though many of the houses in Hills Road are now numbered.

Ordnance Survey 25 inch map extract, surveyed in 1925. The War Memorial was dedicated in 1921.